To bring new life to the project the team has decided to make a few changes.

As the T2L followers might have noticed we switched from the erc-20 to the bep-20. This had to do with the fees and stability of the coin. We believe that the bep-20 is more…

deposit your $Gold and farm T2L

Ticket2Lambo has joined forces with Goldfarm! For the next three months you can farm free T2L on We have pooled a total of 100.000 T2L for everyone to farm! Buy and store some of your $Gold and choose T2L as your token to…

Ticket2Lambo is a blockchain lottery where your coin is als a lottery ticket. When you buy T2L and hold it in your ETH-Wallet you are eligible to participate in every lottery. Your coin holds its value after each draw and will increase in price due to market fluctuation. The money…

Ticket2Lambo is thrilled to announce a partnership with Azbit.

Just like Ticket2Lambo, Azbit also strives to be accessible for all and views their community as its greatest asset. We both share the ambition to grow and develop our projects. By joining forces you can now buy your T2L tokens on…

How your stake influences your chance at winning

Ticket2Lambo is a blockchain-based lottery project with big prizes to be won. Every Ticket2Lambo or T2L token that you buy is a ticket to enter our grand lottery as long as you hold them in your ETH-wallet.. The best part is that…

Ticket2lambo is doing a test run with their lottery. To do a last system check there will be held a bonus draw. All current holders will be eligible to participate as long as they hold their T2L tokens in their ETH-Wallet.

The draw is held on Friday, June 25th and we will give away 10 times 1.000 dollars in T2L tokens, to a total of 10.000$. Until then you can buy your tokens on our website.
The result of the lottery will be announced on our website and social media channels once the result is in.

Come July 1st, everyone can trade the T2L-token on the Bilaxy exchange.

listed on

the Bilaxy exchange!

Ticket2Lambo is proud to announce that T2L is now listed on the Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange. Trading starts on July 1st. Bilaxy traders will have access to trading T2L/USDT upon listing.

Users can start depositing, trading and withdrawing the T2L tokens immediately.

Because all necessary arrangements for listing have been set up, the decision has been made to let go of the…

Ticket2Lambo originated out of a love for everything about gambling and lotteries. We love to gamble, to be honest! But what we do not like, is the obscurity of traditional (read: prehistoric😉) lotteries. No-one knows what happens behind the curtains, and why for instance, a jackpot is sometimes kept from…

Ticket2Lambo ICO

Ticket2Lambo where your coin is also a lottery ticket.

How to buy?

In less than 30 days the exclusive Ticket2Lambo pre sale (ICO) will start. Where the opening price on the exchange is 0,10 usdt, in the presale the coin will be 0,05 USDT. The only catch is…


Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.

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