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How to buy T2L

a short overview on how to buy your Ticket2Lambo

Go to Ticket2Lambo and click on ‘Click here to buy T2L tokens’ as shown in the picture below.

This will bring you to:

Once you have filled in the information needed, click on the ‘Click here to reveal our funding address’. A new window will open up, in this window our ETH address will be shown. Copy this and use it to deposit the funds.


Your name:

Enter the name you use to identify yourself to us, this doesn’t have to be your real name.

Your email address:

fill in the email address on which we can contact you in case of any calimitaties.

How will you deposit:

Select which of the currencies you want to use to buy the T2L.

How much do you plan to invest:

Fill in how much you wish to purchase in dollars, for example; $100.

Your ETH deposit address:

The ETH-address you deposit the money from.

Your ETH address to receive the T2L token:

Enter the address you want to receive the tokens on, this is allowed to differ from your deposit address.

**please make sure you fill in the correct ETH-addresses, once a payment has been paid we cannot undo this. The responsibility for this lies with the investor/purchaser.

We recommend MetaMask. If you are not familiar with Metamask, you can visit the metamask website for more information or read the articles below for detailed step by step guides.

How to install Metamask

How to buy with metamask




Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.