Why Ticket2Lambo just might break the rules of conventional Lotteries

Artwork property of Ticket2Lambo

Lotteries have always been around — and they probably will always be around. Its human nature wanting to take a shot at something big, even if odds are heavily against them. Its ingrained in all of us, because we are dreamers and we like to place trust in something, even if its just a lottery ticket.

But with the dawn of the Blockchain era, new possibilities arise. Not only in groundbreaking sectors of technology, but also smaller sectors, like the Gambling Business for instance.

Because Blockchain is still so new and unexplored, new ideas are still arising, and one of those new ideas is Ticket2Lambo. It is going to be the biggest Lottery on the blockchain. To participate, all you have to do is buy a few T2L tokens, and hold them in your Ethereum wallet. These tokens serve as digital Lottery-tickets, every time the lottery spins. So no need to buy new tickets along the ride, although you can always buy more to get a bigger chance of winning! And what´s even better, your tickets keep their value, and can even increase in value, because of the way the structure of the lottery is built. For each lottery consists of a tranche of 7.5 million lottery tickets being sold. As soon as they are sold, the lottery spins. But to build up the prizes, the lottery tickets are increased in price every round.

Trading of the T2L token happens on crypto exchanges, the go-to place if you were to decide to sell, or buy more lottery tickets.

But the true power behind this project lies in its transparency. Whereas the traditional lottery is an archaic darkness where nobody knows what comes in and what goes out, the Ticket2Lambo project shines light on the path where it is going, the money it takes in and the prizes it gives away. The founders are not shy about the fact that they rake in 10% of all the income in the project. Mostly this serves as payment for their labour and time, which they have invested a lot into the project. The other 90% goes directly into the prize pool, and will be shared to the winners, guaranteed!

Ticket2Lambo is having a presale, starting June 1st. Tickets can be bought on their website, costing 0.05$ each.



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