Ticket2Lambo and GoldFarm.

deposit your $Gold and farm T2L

Ticket2Lambo has joined forces with Goldfarm! For the next three months you can farm free T2L on www.goldfarm.io. We have pooled a total of 100.000 T2L for everyone to farm! Buy and store some of your $Gold and choose T2L as your token to farm. Getting free T2L has never been easier. Go to GoldFarm, join the movement and farm your T2L!

A short explanation of Ticket2Lambo

What is it?

Ticket2Lambo (T2L) is a coin that is also a lottery ticket. Buy T2L and you can participate in every lottery!

How do I participate in the lottery?

Hold your T2L in your ETH-Wallet to participate in the lottery. Your coins are the ticket themself!

When I hold my T2L, do I participate in one, or every lottery?

As long as you have your T2L in your ETH-Wallet you participate in every lottery

Does my T2L hold its value after the lottery, or can I throw it away like a normal lottery-ticket?

Your T2L holds its value after the lottery, the market decides the value.

Where does the money from the prize pools come from?

The prize pools are funded through the coin offerings.

What happens after the final lottery?

When the final draw has happened a new project, Ticket2theMoon, starts.


Goldfarm lets you deposit your $Gold and receive T2L as interest in return. Farm your tickets while safely storing your crypto. GoldFarm is a cross-chain protocol that utilizes the most recent farming codes and features of the DeFi FaaS protocol. Deposit your crypto to get a stake in the farming of your token by choice.

Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.