Ticket2Lambo ICO

Ticket2Lambo where your coin is also a lottery ticket.

How to buy?

In less than 30 days the exclusive Ticket2Lambo pre sale (ICO) will start. Where the opening price on the exchange is 0,10 usdt, in the presale the coin will be 0,05 USDT. The only catch is the minimum amount of 100 USDT you have to buy, you can do this in the presale (ICO) with ETH or USDT. Step in early for a chance at winning for only half the price it will be on the exchange. The exchange has already been confirmed and will be revealed on the Website when the presale, with a softcap of 50.000 USDT, has begun.

What do you buy?

What you will be buying is the participation in one of the biggest never seen before lottery on the blockchain. The goal is to give away up to 21 million USDT in prizes, which will be paid out fee and tax free. When the pre sale is opened the deposit address will be revealed on the Website and all of our social media. Just make sure you have your personal (no exchange wallet) Eth-wallet (of which you own the private keys) ready to hold your coins, this is the only way to participate in every draw.

Why would you buy?

Add an extra dimension to your investments, as stated before, your coin is also a lottery ticket that participates in every draw. See your investments grow while making a chance to win extra money in our lottery. The draws will be held once the coin hits a predetermined price. We will give regular updates on the progress through our social media accounts and on our website and give notifications when a draw is about to happen. The winners will be selected randomly by our software and announced on our Website. So make sure you follow us on our social media accounts to stay up to date.

How does it work?

During the presale (ICO) you will have a chance to buy one of the 20.000.000 coins released. The coins that aren’t sold during the presale (ICO) will be released together with the following tranche. Once the coin hits the exchange and the ICO starts officially we will release the coins in tranches. The coin has a hardcap of 100.000.000 (one hundred million) and each tranche will contain 7.500.000 coins. This to guarantee a stable growth from trading and prevent a draw from happening due to fluctuations in prices. Every release after the first tranche is paired with a draw. Every draw the prize pool increases this due to the price increase of the coin. The more the coin is worth, the more money will end up in the pool.

What will happen with these investments?

The pre sale softcap (ICO) is set at 50.000 USDT, the total amount of the coins in the pre sale (ICO) is 20.000.000 (twenty million). You can participate in the pre sale with a minimal amount of 100 USDT and a maximum of 25.000 USDT. These investments will be used to get us onto the confirmed exchange with whom we already have a partnership lined up with. As stated, more info will be revealed after the Pre-sale (ICO). All incoming investments from the softcap will also be applied for further promotions on the project to create more traction and stimulate the trade. The more funds we generate with the ICO the more brand awareness we can generate. This will ultimately result in a faster growth of the coin and more certainty the expected price increase is met.

When are the draws held?

The tranches will be released when the coin hits a predetermined price. On our website you can find a clear schedule that tells you at what price each tranche will be released. Once a tranche has been released, 90% of the funds this generates go into the prize pool. The other 10% will be used to pay for the fees and the founders. When the prize pool has been filled, the draw will happen. The winners will be announced and the prizes paid out accordingly. We have created a list of all the prizes which can also be found on our Website.

What are the risks?

Ticket2Lambo is like any other investment and lottery in the sense that it involves a risk. That is why there will be regular updates on how many tokens are sold, how the price is going and we will give out notifications when a release or a draw will happen. With this information you can decide for yourself if you want to hold on to your token or to sell it. Ticket2Lambo wants to be as transparent as possible within the legal frameworks that are available, this means we will do the pay-outs tax and fee free, but we don’t encourage tax evasions. Inform yourself of your local laws and act accordingly, T2L does not take responsibility in any way for informing or misinforming, by its participants. Another risk is that the coin can crash after the last tranche release. It is up to the coin holder to make this risk-assessment, like every other lottery there is an end to the validity of your ticket. But there is a followup project called Ticket2theMoon. With higher stakes and higher prizes, everyone who holds his Ticket2Lambo until the end will receive the amount of T2L they hold as T2M tokens. More information about this project will be released once Ticket2Lambo is nearing its end, but it is the same premise. A currency where your coin is also a lottery ticket.

How do you participate?

You participate by buying the coin and holding this coin in your ETH-wallet. Every T2L holding ETH wallet will go into the raffle. The amount of tokens you hold will determine the chance of you winning, just like in any other lottery the chance to win increases if you have more tickets. But every winner will be picked randomly by our software. To prevent someone from creating a big advantage we have set the maximum amount in the presale on 25.000 USDT. For more detailed information about Ticket2Lambo visit our Website and social media.



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Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.