Ticket2Lambo originated out of a love for everything about gambling and lotteries. We love to gamble, to be honest! But what we do not like, is the obscurity of traditional (read: prehistoric😉) lotteries. No-one knows what happens behind the curtains, and why for instance, a jackpot is sometimes kept from winning.
That is what we, the Founders, wanted to do different!
In our journey that is Ticket2Lambo, we always kept one golden rule in mind: Be transparant.
That is why, if you visit our website www.ticket2lambo.io, you can find everything that there is to know about this project.
From the regulars like a Whitepaper, to the token structure and future price-appreciation, even all the prizes that are gonna be in our jackpots. And soon you will even be able to check the inner workings of our lottery system. That’s where the magic happens!
And with the beauty of the blockchain, all our spending of tokens can be easily backtraced. So no surprises, no cheating!
We hope you will all get as excited about this project, as we are. And we hope you will join us to celebrate our upcoming ICO, June 1st🎉🎂

Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.