Ticket2Lambo partners with Azbit

Ticket2Lambo is thrilled to announce a partnership with Azbit.

Just like Ticket2Lambo, Azbit also strives to be accessible for all and views their community as its greatest asset. We both share the ambition to grow and develop our projects. By joining forces you can now buy your T2L tokens on Azbit, and while you’re there, get those AZ tokens to become an Azbit partner. Be part of the community today!

Join the lottery now and buy your T2L tokens on Azbit, and other exchanges. Don’t forget; to participate in the lottery you must hold your T2L tokens in your Ethereum Wallet!

Ticket2Lambo is a blockchain-based lottery project with big prizes to be won. Every Ticket2Lambo or T2L token that you buy is a ticket to enter our grand lottery as long as you hold them in your ETH-wallet.. The best part is that — your ticket appreciates in value the longer you hold on to it because of how the lottery is designed. So, you benefit from your tokens becoming more valuable over time, and you get the chance to win big prizes by holding onto your investment. It also means that you do not have to keep buying new tickets to participate in several rounds of drawing.

Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.