Ticket2lambo revisited.

To bring new life to the project the team has decided to make a few changes.

As the T2L followers might have noticed we switched from the erc-20 to the bep-20. This had to do with the fees and stability of the coin. We believe that the bep-20 is more sustainable in the future so we switched and made sure every holder of erc-20 T2L received an equal amount of bep-20 T2L. But that’s not the only change we made. We also made a few adjustments to our plans surrounding tranches and draws. To create more liquidity we have decided to alter the following

T2L will no longer be available on the exchanges to be able to ‘manipulate’ the coin price until we have enough liquidity to go back on them. It’s an expensive decision for us, but as we want this project to succeed tough decisions have to be made. All holders will keep their tokens, this goes without saying. New holders will have to go to our website to buy T2L. From each tranche sold, the proceeds are split as follows; 50% goes to liquidity, 40% to the prize pots and 10% goes to promotions. On the website is a tracker that shows how much of each tranche is sold, until we hit the exchange again.

Next, the first tranche of coins will be divided amongst 9 BNB wallets each holding 250.000 tokens, so the first has 9 prize pots and 9 draws. When someone buys from the wallet they will receive their T2L automatically. The first tranche has a fixed price of 0.01 cent worth of BNB (the worth of which is marked on 07–10–2021 10:16 (CEST) 0,0000225). Every tranche this set price will go up 0.01 cent (0,0000225 BNB) until 0.09 cent is reached. Due to this setup the value of the prize pot is not fixed, but the prizes are a fixed percentage of the generated amount of the sold tranche. Once a tranche has been sold a lottery will be held. When the final wallet is sold and liquidity can be added T2L will relaunch on the exchange again, ready to pick up where we left off on the original tranche schedule. Depending on the exchange rate liquidity will be added on the exchange at 10cents (0.000225 BNB).

As we operate on the blockchain, every transaction can be followed by anyone so you can follow our liquidity wallet to keep track of the progress. We also want to emphasize that through this project we also made good on our word and do not intend to change that anytime soon. So tell everyone Ticket2Lambo is back, smarter, more adaptable and less prone to the working of the marketplace.

Get your tickets at Ticket2lambo !




Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.

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Started in 2021 by 3 dutch entrepeneurs, this is the worlds first blockchain based lottery.

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